Lazy Eye or Amblyopia

What is a lazy eye? Often times, people think of a crossed eye or an eye that wanders when they hear of the term lazy eye. However, a person can have a lazy eye without manifesting those symptoms. Optometrists use the term amblyopia for lazy eye. Amblyopia is a condition where an individual does not see well in one or both eyes due to the connections from the...
Elderly Man

Glaucoma: the sneaky eye disease

From the numerous patients that I have seen over the years that have been diagnosed with glaucoma, a large majority of them did not have any symptoms to suggest they had glaucoma. Glaucoma can go undiagnosed for years unless you have a comprehensive eye exam. The vision loss that occurs as a result of glaucoma...
Eye Scan

Beyond the eyes: Why comprehensive eye examinations are important for everyone

A visit to  your optometrist is usually a very pleasant experience. You might walk out with a new pair of glasses – an exciting new look for the year! However, on occasion, patients are asked by their optometrist to follow up with their family doctor for a full physical with blood work, as result of something that was detected...
Young boy with vision problems

Help your child succeed in school

Good vision dramatically improves a child’s ability to learn and acquire knowledge. Children often do not realize that they cannot see well or have trouble focusing. Usually, children are unable to identify deficiencies in their own vision. They feel that the way they see the world is how everyone else sees it, whether it is...