Suffering from dry, gritty eyes?

Specialty Dry Eye Treatment
Call our office or email us to book in for a Dry Eye Consultation where we will do an in depth analysis using specialized equipment to assess your dry eyes.
We specialize in dry eye treatments that are tailored to your specific needs. We can treat with traditional methods using warm compresses and artificial tears drops or more advanced treatments that provide a much longer lasting effect. Advanced treatments include Intense Pulse light and Radio Frequency to get to the root cause of the dry eyes. Along with treating the dry eye, these treatments will also help lessen appearance of fine lines with skin tightening and improved skin texture.
Intense Pulse Light  uses a broad band of light to target the inflammatory component of dry eye with gentle non invasive treatments. In doing so it also smooths and improves skin texture.
Radio Frequency uses non laser, non light technology to gently heat and unplug meibomian glands to relieve symptoms of dry eye. Collagen production is promoted which also tightens skin around eyelids to reveal a younger appearance.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes include:

Intermittent blurred vision
Foreign Body Sensation
Watery Eyes